Sunday, November 23, 2014

I had Amber and Lawrence  hit  together today.  They played at a very high level for both the drills and on the games they played

With Lawrence currently in seventh grade and Amber in sixth we still have a couple years to get ready for them to play in high school. We have really accelerated our training for all of our players so they can be ready to play at a high-level as soon as they reach high school.

The plan is for them to play varsity when they arrive as freshman and then play four years of varsity.

And I have been successful with six players doing that for the last six years,  and expect even more success in the future

Friday, November 14, 2014


Weather has gotten cooler and for the last three weeks I have increased our workouts.  And I have our younger players running and hitting with the older ones. This includes a few kindergarten and second graders.

That way they will have a chance to really improve their game and be able to play beyond their age level all the way until they get to high school.

I started my own YouTube channel or year ago and all of my players now I have their own playlist. The purpose being so they can watch themselves and see what mistakes are making in their own eyes so they can correct them.

Each practice we try to make sure we worked as hard as we can and that we improve. There's no excuse for not pushing yourself and try to get the most out of your ability every time you step on the court