Monday, June 9, 2014

Tennis training June 2014

Well in looking at these pictures my students have come along way in the last 3 to 4 years.  In these pictures Amber, Adrienne, and Lawrence are now all playing tennis at a very high  high school level.  Except only Adrienne is in high school. Amber will be starting six grade and Lawrence will be starting seventh grade in September( age wise he would only be starting six grade).  

I think both Amber and Lawrence can make most any high school team this coming year and they have to do three years to improve their game to be on the top players when they enter high school.  In addition we have a good group of younger players that are also working hard, and they should also be excelling in tennis when they get the high school.

Over the last two years I've really stepped up the intensity of our training and we simply expect a lot more from our practices.  And as a result all of our younger players have gotten a lot better and are now playing games.  And of course the ultimate goal is for some of these players to be able to play college tennis and perhaps get a scholarship